Monday, July 12, 2010

A much needed update!

It seems that I am slacking on the blog updates! We haven'd had too many changes over these last few weeks. Landon is growing and changing so much! The other day he began interacting with his toys and it was definitely a proud mommy moment for me. He is smiling and giggling all the time now and starting to babble a little bit more! Today Ed got the news that he is moving to a new unit on Ft. Campbell. I was really hoping for us to get PCS orders to go somewhere else but we'll be here a little while longer. We think with this new unit that he will deploy sometime early next week, not really sure yet. This will be our second deployment but the first as a married couple with a baby.  I'm definitely dreading a deployment but I've been through one before so I can do it again :) So that will be what's on our brains for now, trying to spend as much time as a family as we can! 

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